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RIP Config Templates Tab


This pane contains the list of Smart Print Controller configuration template files that will be included within the device configuration.

The content of these files can be edited from within Smart Device Configurator, allowing such properties as 'RipCount' to be easily modified.

The four buttons on the left give easy access to modifying 

  • - This buttons opens a windows explorer to a folder containing the templates supplied with this release of Smart Device Configurator.
  • - This button opens a windows explorer to a folder containing the current templates files allowing additional files to be added easily if required.
  • - This button refreshes the file list, to be used when new files are added.
  • - This button will perform an 'Auto-upgrade' of exisiting template files with the files supplied in the release.

    If the Auto-upgrade would performs any changes, a dialog will appear

    For each file, the icon on the right indicates if this is a names change, a content change, or both.
    It is recommended that the original SDC file is backed up before applying Auto-upgrade.

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