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Status Area

The top row of the application shows the Status Area, which is always visible to display key status information.

Current Job Progress

When a Print Run is active, a progress bar for the current job (as well as its status and name) displays.

Active Inks

This shows the name of the currently active Smart Media, and the active inks below it.

An ink is considered 'active' if all the following are true:

  • Enabled on at least one server
  • The ink is enable in the active Smart Media.

OPC UA Status

This shows whether Smart Print Controller's (SPC) OPC UA Server is enabled. The icon will be green if it is enabled, white if it is disabled, or not present if the OPC UA Server has been deactivated in the Engineer pane.

Print Mode

This shows the current print mode (RIP Direct, RIP Ahead, or Screen Direct) and the output type.

RIP Server Status

In SPC, each machine running a Harlequin Direct instance we can connect to is referred to as a RIP Server.

In the upper-right corner, the connection icon can show one of three states:

  • Displays red when there is no connection to the RIP Server
  • Displays orange when a connection is requested but is not yet acknowledged
  • Displays green when there is a working connection to the RIP Server

In a system with multiple RIP Servers, click on the connection icon to see their individual statuses. If any are red or orange, they show as the main connection color (with red taking priority).

Click on the connection icon to reveal a dropdown menu for performing operations on the RIP Server(s).

View RIP Server Log

For each RIP Server, choosing View RIP Server Log... opens the log file for the relevant Harlequin Direct instance in the default viewer.

This item is only available if the required file share is working and a log file is present.

Get PC Info

For each RIP Server, you can retrieve information about the machine it is running on.

To add this information to SPC's log, which you can view from the Support Pane, choose Get PC Info.

Each connected RIP Server runs the Smart PC Remote application, which provides this information to SPC.

Restart RIP Servers

Select Restart RIP Servers to exit and restart the Harlequin Direct instance(s) and Smart PC Remotes for each RIP Server.

In normal operation, use Restart RIP Servers only when the network indicator icon is red.

Selecting Restart RIP Servers forces the associated Harlequin Direct instance(s) (and any child processes that Harlequin Direct starts) to terminate.

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